About us

Welcome to Il Piacere, a cozy corner where the magic of Italian cuisine meets the artistry of my mom, Paloma.

She's a Spanish artist who studied in Madrid Art Academy but fell head over heels for Italy when she married my Italian dad at 25. Her love for Italian flavors and lifestyle shines through in her art.

When I moved to London six years ago and settled into my Victorian home, my mom surprised me with a watercolor painting to remind me of home and sprinkle a bit of Italy into my new place. That sweet gesture sparked the idea for Il Piacere, a brand all about sharing the warmth and vibrancy of Italian life with others.

At Il Piacere, each watercolor poster captures the spirit of Italian dishes like tiramisù, gelato, and bruschetta. Our collection is a tribute to the joy, passion, and flavors that make Italy so special, inviting you to bring a slice of Italy into your own home.

Join us on this art-filled journey as we spread the love for Italian food and culture through my mom's beautiful watercolor creations. Let Il Piacere brighten up your walls with the colors and tastes of Italy, adding a touch of la dolce vita to your home. Thank you for being a part of our story. Enjoy! 🇮🇹🎨🍝